is that a bunny

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vi brukar ha sånt papper hemma, kan fråga mamma var hon köper det

Åh ja, tack snälla!


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aah vad är skillnad på etikett lappar och det du är ute efter? Jag har ingen koll :v… detta är tydligen också etikett??

Jag är tekniskt sett inte ute efter någonting, men etikett är redan utklippta smålappar och det är svårt att göra klistermärken av. Men det ser inte ut att vara så på den länken?? ah tack, jag ska klla

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Jag vet att vi har i skolan men har ingen aning vad papprena kallas för. Jag vet inte om självhäftande papper är vad du är ute efter.

Jo jag tror det, men jag hittar alltid bara etikett-lappar ;/ Irriterande.


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You can by sticker paper at office stores and print then out on a normal printer!!
they print pictures on sticker-paper!


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How do people make stickers..??

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I hate all terms trying to change the term genderbending to some sort of cis-bending (AND HERES WHY)

I dont want you to assume the characters I draw was ever cis one way or another and I definitely do not want you to assume it with the ones I do presentation play with, before or after

The word genderbend is more inclusive than most of the words Ive seen to replace it because gender and the presentation of it is the focus of the word and sex can also be changed whatever way because it is a big part in how we relate to our gender identity but that SHOULDNT be the focus point nor a necessity

So screw your cissexist binary gender attempt to justify changing a word to something even worse trying to be less cissexist \m/

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whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal


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I drew the pony. I had a bad reference so I think I messed up but he had really big wings, I like those
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I drew the pony. I had a bad reference so I think I messed up but he had really big wings, I like those

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Headcanon: Virus consciously try to find the most ridiculous clothes just to see if Trip actually would still dress the same (yes he would)

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