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#transgender talks
#free! used as an example

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words to live by


words to live by

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#häxan surtant - min förebild
#''the important thing isn't that you win - it's that everyone else lose''

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#u know what's annoying??
#the big-small differences in SSL and ASL
#Clint Barton

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I don’t want to be sad anymore, I want to talk about how baby Makoto was smaller than baby Haru.

I want to talk about Makoto always hiding behind Haru because he was bigger and could protect him from monsters. I want to talk about how even as they grew older Makoto never grew out of this habit. I was to talk about Haru realizing that his best friend is getting bigger than him and starting to doubt whether or not he could still protect Makoto. I want to talk about Makoto getting scared and hiding behind Haru even tho Makoto is much bigger than him and how silly it probably looks, but Haru just lets out a sigh of relief because no matter how much bigger Makoto gets he is still the same.

#oh man i love this
#except Harus feelings would be so much more complicated
#because it means makoto still feels reliant on him
#which means makoto still 'would better off without him'
#but it's also such a relief
#because what would HE do if makoto wasn't there
#and it's selfish so once again he feels bad because makoto deserves better
#high speed and codependency whoop
#and I am pretending this is at middle school because YOU KNOW WHY HARU WAS A SHIT TO MAKOTO and everyone else younger than that he was so mean and it wouldn't work

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my anaconda don’t want none unless you got 



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I want to make a comic but I am (still) just so terrible with writing
I have still never made a full comic and I know next to nothing about the process. Sort of bothersome

#maybe I should try to make one about ME
#there should be stuff i've written somewhere
#i write out my feels a lot
#or an introduction comic
#although it would suck i love to read other peoples
#macho man

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I think tumblr in general are too young to really appreciate how hilarious toddlers/babies are
they are as close as humans will ever be to being dogs

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There is a story behind these mugs
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There is a story behind these mugs

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#i think everyone who have done a lot of painting in their life relate to me when I say
#I really need those mugs
#macho man

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Made In Heights - Death


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