is that a bunny


if u know ur myers briggs personality type please check this out it is literally the coolest thing ever 

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#people just BS this Armin is in the top of both INTP and INFJ
#but it's still amusing
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Like there is so many amazingly talented people out there that are both great singers, good looking and good actors and still almost all modern teenager-musicals are led by people who can barely sing or sing so nasally youd thought someone put raisins up their nose

#i watched an episode of glee ok
#bless victorious
#ok maybe not reaally on the good acting part
#hard to know with those kind of show scripts but whatever good singers

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All the basket players in high school musical is like 5’7”

#was these movies made by actual high schoolers taking what they had because how else could they be so weird
#lets have a main character that cant sing
#well just dub him

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I like a lot of fanworks very much, but I also realise they are very out of character and I am embarrassed to say I like them because I know they’re out of character, I enjoy the work and different versions of characters anyway, please don’t think I believe in the bad characterization

#macho man
#like people get unecessary angry over fandom characterization
#I can still like the AUs and stuff
#even while thinking that it's basically a whole new character

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Anonymous sent: Do you know Japanese?



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Känn dig ensam du är omringad
Känn dig vilsen du är borttappad

Den Svenska Björnstammen - Hatar Allt


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" Feelings and emotions " - Free! EVER BLUE SOUNDS


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(Bunnies and Sunshine)

Easter is coming up! And it’s a terrible time for pet store bunnies!

Rabbits are marketed as “easy”, short-lived, starter pets, especially during the Easter holidays, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! A healthy, well cared for bunny can live just as long as the average cat or dog- 10-12 years!

What’s more, they have more complex needs than a cat or a dog. Rabbits are prey animals and do not behave or show affection in the same way as predators like cats and dogs; they don’t deal well with being outside-only animals; they can get sad if they’re on their own and don’t receive enough attention; and if they’re bought as a male and female couple, they can start reproducing from as early as 5-6 months of age, and they can carry multiple litters at the same time!

They have a specialised diet (NOT carrots!), need a specialised living area (unless you want all your things to get chewed up!), and they need specialised vets! Caring for them costs as much as caring for a dog!

They’re a big responsibility!

This Easter, Make Yours Chocolate!



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ok ive been on tumblr for three hours trying to get inspired and it finally hit me that my dash is 0% art and 80% references I don’t understand or care about

I need to follow people

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